"Formation is not the privilege of a few, but a right and duty of all."
Christifidelis Laici #63

Welcome to the Domus Carmelitana in the Philippines

Salus in Domino et benedictio Sancti Spiritus!
Health in the Lord and the blessing of the Holy Spirit! (Rule, 1)

In 1985, Bl. John Paul II issued “Christifidelis Laici” (On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and in the World) wherein it laid down the foundations for the formation of the lay faithful as found in Chapter 5 of the document:

To have a clearer understanding of one’s vocation in order to live it to the fullest so that one’s mission is fulfilled is the fundamental objective of the formation of the lay faithful.  In discovering and living their proper vocation and mission, the lay faithful must be formed according to the union which exists from their being members of the Church and citizens of human society (CL 59).

The Domus Carmelitana de San Jose was established not only to address the growing needs of the Lay Carmelites in the Philippines but also to help the local Church in the area of formation.

The Domus Carmelitana aims:

- To help the local church in their need for deeper formation (spiritual, doctrinal, social, and values) and direction in the spiritual life particularly in the area of ascetical and contemplative prayer.

- To share the Carmelite Spirituality among the laity.

- To provide a place for spiritual encounter and renewal for those who are searching.

Just as the work of human education is intimately connected with fatherhood and motherhood, so Christian formation finds its origin and its strength in God the Father who loves and educates his children. Yes, God is the first and great teacher of his People…Mother Church is called to take part in the divine work of formation, both through a sharing of her very life, and through her various pronouncements and actions. It is thus that the lay faithful are formed by the Church and in the Church in a mutual communion and collaboration of all her members: clergy, religious and lay faithful. Thus the whole ecclesial community, in its diverse members, receives the fruitfulness of the Spirit and actively cooperates towards that end. (CL 61)